Handmade heirloom woodworks from batch-milled urban trees
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The custom design process begins with a conversation with you.

What type of piece do you desire? How much space is available for it? How can we create something that is both beautiful and functional?

In these preliminary discussions, my most important goal is to learn about your vision, but also your practical needs. After we arrive at a general idea, I can begin to sketch and provide a price quote for complete designs.

Using my preliminary sketches, I then draft an intricate three-dimensional, scale drawing of the project. Once this is complete, we will discuss the different types of wood and various finishes that are available for the project.

This is the often the most exciting phase—the designs come to life as you begin to visualize exactly how your one-of-a-kind piece will look as we navigate the options.

When construction begins, I’ll give you a basic timeline to anticipate the addition of a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of fine furniture to your home.

Details & Considerations

Readymade furniture available in our showroom is priced per item. Custom pieces are priced individually to accommodate three variables: design, materials and construction. Please be aware that these services are available separately, and there is a cost for design drawings whether or not clients choose to produce the finished piece.

How to order
If an item is in stock, you may order directly from the showroom. We will likely contact you to arrange shipping or freight details (not included in the price), as every piece is unique and delicate. If an item is no longer available, you may submit a request from the showroom to have us recreate that design to your specifications. Pricing may vary depending on supplies and customization.

Online orders are processed securely using Google Checkout. Custom designs and custom builds require a 50% deposit upon confirmation of your order. The remaining balance (including applicable taxes and shipping) will be due prior to shipment. We accept cash and check.

In-stock items ship within 10 business days. We will likely contact you to arrange shipping details. Made-to-order items from existing designs average 12 weeks of construction. Completely custom orders may vary widely depending on complexity. Shipping times range from 1 to 4 weeks. Because we’re a small, artisan business, there is a chance (however slight) that factors beyond our control may cause delays in production. We make every effort to meet exact deadlines, but we cannot absolutely guarantee completion by a certain date.

Our preferred method of shipping is via a blanket wrap shipper. These movers specialize in handmade furniture and see to the wrapping, delivery, and set-up of your order. The cost of this service runs approximately 12% of the price of your furniture with a minimum charge of $550.00. On smaller orders, we crate your furniture in a wooden crate.